How Does The 96 Hr. Transdermal CBD Patch Work?

This article explains the how our cbd skin patch works on the body from the moment you apply it.

As soon as you apply it, our Transdermal CBD Patch gets to work. Made up of an impermeable membrane that sticks to your skin and a reservoir in the middle that holds our proprietary synergistic formula, it is designed as a reservoir patch. This means that unlike other patches that are monolithic, only our all-natural formula of full spectrum CBD + botanical oils will then quickly begin to enter the skin--BUT no adhesives at all. 


Once it begins to penetrate the skin, cannabinoids immediately begin to interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors there. This fast and highly-efficient absorption into the skin happens because of the different molecular make-ups of our carefully chosen broad range of carrier oils. While we use some of these botanical oils because of their ability to condition the skin so that it is willing to open and accept them, we’ve selected others because they have the right kinked molecular structure to be able to easily move into and past the various layers of skin cells and deeper and deeper into the system.


As the cannabinoids carried within these botanical oils continue to move deeper into the system, they not only engage the special endocannabinoid receptors in the skin mentioned above, but because our patch is transdermal they go all the way past the skin, into the blood. This means that they spread throughout the body so that the endocannabinoid response is systemic.  Eventually the skin may reach a saturation point and stop accepting more (everyone’s body will do this at a different rate at different times), but not for long. As soon as the skin is ready to begin accepting  again, our reservoir is right there, ready to deliver more cannabinoids on demand. 


Because we’ve made the membrane impermeable, our patch is waterproof so you can shower or bathe as needed.  This is the point at which you’ve been able to simply set it and forget it for up to four days--let the intelligence of our reservoir patch do the work for you!