What is a reservoir skin patch?

This article explains why we use reservoir technology for our 96 Hr. Transdermal CBD Patch.

A reservoir patch is an adhesive patch that delivers medication or other active formulas to be absorbed into the system via the skin. In our case, this is our proprietary synergistic formula of full spectrum CBD and botanical carrier oils. The multi-layered reservoir patch is unlike other “monolithic” systems because it has an active layer that is separate from the others. This layer acts as a liquid compartment, or reservoir, with  the active formula held within. 


This means that unlike other patches that are monolithic, only our all-natural formula of full spectrum CBD and botanical oils will enter the skin--BUT no adhesives, ever. The reservoir transdermal system also holds the active ingredients for the length of time the patch stays on the skin (up to 96 hours). This is key because the skin may eventually reach a saturation point and stop accepting more actives (everyone’s body will do this at a different rate at different times), but not for long. As soon as the skin is ready to begin accepting again, our reservoir is right there, ready to deliver more cannabinoids.