What other ingredients are in the Transdermal CBD Patch besides full spectrum CBD and why?

This article addresses the full ingredient list in our skin patch.

Other Ingredients

Unhappy skin is unaccepting skin, so we carefully synergize the cannabinoids in our CBD patch with the right combination of pure botanical oils:


Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Aloe Butter

Sunflower Lecithin

Oleic Acid

Sweet Almond Oil

Red Palm Oil

Shea Nut Oil

Virgin Avocado Oil



Our patch delivers fast and highly-efficient absorption of cannabinoids because of the different molecular make-ups of our carefully chosen range of oils. While some of these botanical oils are chosen because of their ability to condition the skin so that it is willing to open and accept them, we’ve selected others because they have the right molecular structure to be able to easily move into and past the various layers of skin cells, deeper into the blood and throughout the entire system so that the endocannabinoid response is systemic.